Breaking: NJ Gun Groups Serve Legal Notice on Vote-Rigging

nj demsA coalition of Garden State gun owner and sportsmen’s groups today served legal notice on Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, warning that impending action on several gun bills would be invalid and subject to legal challenge as a result of illegal vote-rigging in an Assembly committee earlier this month.

The warning cites a serious violation of legislative rules by the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee at a June 6th hearing.

When the Democrats’ self-described “centerpiece” of their gun bill package (A4182) failed during a roll-call vote, the committee chairman aborted the roll-call after 9 of 11 votes had been cast, in violation of rules requiring that voting must be completed once it has started before any further action can be taken.

Rather than completing the vote as required, the chairman simply left the roll-call unfinished and instead announced he was holding the bill, and Republican committee members objected.

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In further violation of Assembly Rules, the bill was then transferred to a different committee (the Assembly Budget Committee) where the outcome could be better controlled by Democrats.

The Budget Committee voted to release the bill 11 days later. A YouTube video of the unlawfully aborted June 6th roll-call vote is available here.

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