BREAKING: Police on the Manhunt for TWO MORE Jihadis Connected to NY Bombing

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-7-42-15-pmThere is video evidence that these guys knew what was up. Or they are the world’s dumbest criminals.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching for more information on two unknown individuals who were spotted on camera taking a homemade bomb out of a piece of luggage before leaving it behind.

The men appear to have some possible involvement with explosives left in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York. The main suspect in that case – in which a homemade bomb injured 31 people – was arrested early Monday morning. Ahmed Khan Rahami of Elizabeth, New Jersey, was arrested in Perth Amboy after a shootout with police. His fingerprints were also found on explosives left at the Elizabeth train station and in a garbage can on a charity 5K race path in Seaside Park, NJ.

Police did not give any indication as to who the individuals in the photo are or what their role is in connection with leaving bombs around the city, but the F.B.I. has released their photo.

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According to the F.B.I., the pair saw a piece of luggage on the sidewalk, removed an improvised explosive device from the luggage, and then left leaving the device behind but taking the luggage.


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