BREAKING: Police Searching for Group of Men Spotted with Semi-Auto Rifles in Hand on Staten Island

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Reasons why I have my own personal armory.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Police are on high alert, looking for people possibly carrying assault rifles, law enforcement sources told the Advance.

The sources said photos of a group of people with what appear to be weapons were circulated internally on Friday. However, various reports say that police believe the objects could be paintball guns.

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The photos were taken by a retired police officer Friday in the Midland Beach parking lot and show unknown individuals armed with what appear to be assault rifles, the sources said.

The photos appear to show the individuals transferring the alleged weapons between vehicles. Both vehicles appear to have New Jersey license plates, the sources say.

The retired officer indicated that one of the weapons may be a paintball gun, the sources said.

A heavy police presence was reported Friday at both entrances of the Gateway National Recreational Area in Fort Wadsworth as a result.

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