BREAKING: Protesters RAID Trump’s ‘Think Tank’ in DC

A Facebook live video has been posted by the Daily Caller showing Leftist protestors storming the offices of the Heritage Foundation.

They’re there to protest the president and GOP Congress’s budget plan.

The proposal includes ‘yuge’ cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other cuts to agencies dealing with the environment and disaster programs.

Clearly this would have any Liberal throwing a b*tch fit.

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“Water not walls,” and “The people will never be divided,” is what they have been chanting.

Security was finally able to contain the situation and escort the protesters out of the building after they taking it over for 10-15 minutes.

Reports claim well over 100 crying Liberals occupied the lobby.

While getting thrown to the curb by security they chanted “We’ll be back!” in unison.

After being kicked out shouts and cheers were heard, along with some stereotypical bongo playing. Surprisingly no tambourines or ribbon dancers were seen.

According to TheFederalistPapers: One of the protest leaders spoke about her experience in Flint, Michigan and the water crisis that has been happening over the past three years. Noticeably absent was any mention of the President’s recent grant to Flint to help deal with the water crisis (convenient…).

Also conveniently left out of the conversation was the fact that Flint is a Democrat stronghold and has been so for decades. The water crisis was brought on by Leftist government incompetence. 

Liberals are unable to come to terms that the reason they’re in such dire positions is due to the government, so they demand for more of it.


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