BREAKING REPORT: U.S. Forces ‘99% Sure’ Islamic State’s Most Notorious Killer is Dead Because They Blew Him Up

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America finally got the ISIS executioner known as “Jihadi John” in its cross-hairs and pulled the trigger, U.S. officials said Friday.

“We are 99 percent sure we got him,” a senior U.S. military official told Fox News. “Jihadi John,” a British citizen who turned against the West, became infamous for his appearances in ISIS videos that showed Western hostages being beheaded.

A drone was used in the airstrike, according to an official who briefed Fox News. The drone tracked the notorious murderer, also known as Mohamed Emwazi, for most of Thursday. When Emwazi came out of a building in Raqqa, he was “ID’d and engaged,” the source told Fox News.

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The Daily Telegraph reported that a car carrying four foreign ISIS leaders, one of them British, was hit in one of a series of American air strikes in Raqqa. Britain’s Sky News initially reported Emwazi may have survived the initial attack, but was taken to a hospital sealed off by ISIS, a tactic that allows ISIS to rebut claims of its leaders being killed.

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