BREAKING: U.S. Prepared to Arm Libyan Gov. to Combat…

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The US and other world powers say they are ready to supply Libya’s internationally recognised government with weapons to counter Isis and other militant groups gaining footholds in its lawless regions.

In a communique obtained by the Associated Press, the US, along with four other permanent UN Security Council members and more than 15 other nations say they are ready to respond to the Libyan government’s “requests for training and equipping” government forces.

They are aiming to push for exemptions to a UN arms embargo imposed on Libya in a bid to keep lethal arms away from Islamic extremists and rival militias vying for power.

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“The Government of National Accord has voiced its intention to submit appropriate arms embargo exemption requests to the UN Libya Sanctions Committee to procure necessary lethal arms and materiel to counter UN-designated terrorist groups and to combat Da’esh throughout the country,” the communique said, using an alternate name for Isis.

“We will fully support these efforts while continuing to reinforce the UN arms embargo.”

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond tweeted he was in Vienna to take part in Libya talks to help the country fight Isis.


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