BREAKING VIDEO: Bikers for Trump Arrive in D.C. — Time to Get the Party Started

If any Anti-Trump protesters decide to start trouble, they will have to answer to these guys. And if you happen to see these guys while in Washington (which we are sure you will), know that you are in good hands. Are you feeling excited yet?

Here is the Inauguration schedule, in case you were curious.

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Morning worship service: St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is very close to the White House, will host the Trump and Pence families before inauguration ceremonies get under way — some time before 9:30 a.m.

Tea at the White House, processional to the Capitol: Donald and Melania Trump will join Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House for tea and then travel together to the inauguration ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.

9:30 a.m., ceremonies begin

11:30 a.m., opening remarks and the Vice-President’s swearing-in ceremony: Religious leaders will give an invocation, and Mike Pence will be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Noon, President’s swearing-in ceremony and address: Donald Trump will be sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration Bible will be used. Trump will give his inaugural address at this time.

Departure of the outgoing president

12:30 p.m. close

Inaugural luncheon: After the oath of office, the new President has lunch inside the U.S. Capitol, and it is hosted by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

3-5 p.m., inaugural parade

7-11 p.m., inaugural balls: Trump, Pence and their wives will make appearances at three inaugural balls  — two at the Washington Convention Center and one at the National Building Museum.


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