Breast Cancer Leaves Family Heartbroken: Husband writes Heartbreaking Daily Letter to Wife he Lost to Breast Cancer

article-2442434-18842DBA00000578-651_634x600Like many dads, Simon Hancox will share what his sons Will and Sam have been up to at the end of each week with his wife Annabel.

But instead of sitting down sharing a glass of wine together, Simon pens a letter straight from the heart in a touching blog that he started on the day his wife passed away just nine months ago.

Every time he has something special to share, whether it’s their youngest, Sam, aged four, learning to ride his bike without stabilisers or his brother Will, aged eight, mastering the guitar, Simon writes his childhood sweetheart.

He also updates her regularly on the progress of ‘Annabel’s Angels’ a fundraising group he set up in her memory made up of friends she met who were suffering like her who supported her as she came to terms with her illness and who have already raised nearly £20,000 in her memory.

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Simon, 40, a volunteer co-ordinator, explained: “I miss Annabel so much and the blog is a way of me continuing to share my life with her. I talk to her all the time, and it’s nice to put down how I feel.

‘It’s a comfort to be able to talk to her about the boys and what is going on in our lives here. I feel like she is always watching over us and it’s like I don’t want her to miss a thing.

‘Annabel touched so many lives. After she died I was contacted by so many of her friends who she had met on cancer forums who told me about what she did to help them, even when she was desperately ill.’

‘We still think about her every day and talk about her, but now we’re working things out and making plans for the future.

‘And through the blog I can tell her that we’re carrying on, the boys are all right, and it makes us feel like she is still part of our adventures too.’

As well as Annabel’s Angels, Simon also works with a widower’s support group. To find out more, visit his blog at

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