BRIBES AND POLITICAL KICKBACKS: How NY Law Enforcement Issues Gun Permits

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.44.53 AMIt’s clear NY system for issuing conceal carry permits is corrupt. What should the city do to solve the problem? Restoring their citizens inalienable rights would be a start.

By Rob Morse

It isn’t what you know that counts in New York City.  It is who you know, and how much you pay them, that counts.  Here is another example.  It takes a long time for ordinary honest citizens to get a permit to own a gun in New York City.  It is impossible for ordinary citizens to get a license to carry a concealed firearm in public.  Being New York City, that rule has exceptions.  You can get a carry permit if you make large political donations or are a major celebrity.  Those exceptions almost don’t matter since most of these people rent their own armed security details.  Lesser human beings like us have to do without self-protection .. or we have to pay off the police to get a permit.  That isn’t an accident.

Let’s put the latest events in context.  Murder, rape and other violent crimes are increasing in New York City.  In this recent case, ordinary citizens paid a man with political connections so the ordinary citizens could get firearms ownership and concealed carry permits.  What these New York citizens wanted was what we all want, and what most of us in the rest of the United States already have.  These citizens wanted the right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves, to protect their family, and to protect their co-workers.  That takes a permit application and a couple of dollars in most states.   In New York City, it takes a couple months and a pocket full of money for bribes.

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Both the middleman who brokered the New York permits and the corrupt police officers were charged.

How did this happen.. again?  New York has a may-issue firearms permit scheme.  That means it is up to New York City law enforcement to issue a permit to carry.. or not.  That scheme was historically used by City politicians to deny gun permits to minorities and the poor.  Today, the may-issue system is used to generate bribes and political kickbacks.  Today’s may-issue system works for the police.  Today’s system works for New York politicians, and the system works for those with wealth and power.


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