Bride-to-be organised dream wedding after boyfriend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

BTBA bride-to-be has organised the wedding of her dreams in just 10 days after her terminally-ill husband proposed to her.

Cancer sufferer Chris Clark, 41, proposed to his girlfriend Charlotte within minutes of finding out his condition was terminal.

With the help of family and friends, it took just 10 days to organise the wedding they had dreamed about.

Charlotte, 30, had made an online scrapbook of her dream wedding months before Chris’s illness, which helped her with a speedy wedding turnaround.

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Chris was told he may only have months to live by medics at Warwick Hospital last September after being diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer that had spread to the stomach.

He had started suffering pains in his side while on holiday which grew in intensity, and was also feeling tired and had lost his appetite.

After a series of tests, Chris, a photographer, was diagnosed with secondary cancer in July 2012.


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