Bring. It. On.: NW Gun Activists Help Fight Nevada Background Check Bill

sandovalWhile Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is reportedly mulling whether to sign or veto an expanded background check bill today, Northwest gun rights activists are throwing their weight behind efforts to convince the Republican governor to veto the measure while the Huffington Post yesterday noted that gun control groups are also applying pressure.

Dr. Mike Brown, owner of the Washington concealed carry chat list, advised list members Monday evening that he had called a toll-free telephone number and participated in a poll, and he urged others to do likewise.

They’re also talking about this today on the Northwest Firearms forum, where there is no love lost for background checks.

In a forwarded message to the Wa-CCW list, Brown noted, “All you need to do is call 1-775-684-5670 and press “2” to tell Governor Sandoval that you want him to veto SB 221.”

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The Huffington Post refers to the group organized by former Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, which says the gun rights battle in Nevada is “pivotal to future state battles.”

No less might be said about the upcoming fight in Washington State over a big-bucks effort to buy an election in 2014 that will expand background checks and perhaps do other things.

Nobody has yet seen a complete proposal.

According to the Huffington Post article, last Wednesday saw 2,200 calls to the Nevada governor’s office urging a veto.

The State Assembly passed a bill 23-19 last week, a couple of weeks after the State Senate adopted it “by a party line 11-10 vote” the news agency reported.



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