Bro Swims Out to GREAT WHITE SHARK…Watch What Happens

This is not your average fishing trip.

These guys went in to film what they thought was a hammerhead shark that wound up too close to the shore, but it was way more than they bargained for.

Dale Pearson waded into the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, on May 27 after he spotted what he initially thought was a hammerhead shark.

Video captures the moment he soon realizes he’s standing just a few feet away from the animal with the highest recorded number of fatal attacks on humans.

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When Pearson and his friend, Eric Mack, realized that what they were witnessing was a great white, they are clearly stunned.

‘That’s a f****** white shark,’ Pearson says in the video. ‘Holy s***!’

According to Pearson, the shark wasn’t stuck, and swam in and out of the shallow water several times.

The Daily Mail

Pearson and Mack believed the shark was first caught in a gill net. But then they noticed two huge propeller wounds on its back.

Because the shark was so injured, they were able to get close enough to film it.

As the shark was feeding on stingrays in the three-feet deep water, Pearson got a close up look. That was before the predator flashed its teeth.

The Marine Conservation Science Institute watched the video and said the injuries would likely not kill the shark; this happens fairly often and they typically recover.

All we can say is holy cr@p, these guys were lucky!

Would YOU have gotten that close? Let us know in the comments.


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