BRUTAL: Black Teens Beat-Down Businessman Till Bloodied and Bruised

NEW HAVEN >> What began Friday as a possible motor vehicle accident on Goffe Street soon turned into an investigation of assault and robbery.

Officer Eric Pesino was dispatched to the incident, and, according to information shared by witnesses and EMT’s, victim Brooks Macquarrie of Wallingford did not fall prey to another motor vehicle.

According to a New Haven Police press release, witnesses said “between five and six black male teenagers rushed him, pushed him from the moving scooter, assaulted him, and fled with the scooter.”

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Macquarrie suffered significant injuries.

“They split my head wide open,” Macquarrie said.

Macquarrie received 31 stitches and 8 staples in his scalp, two fractured ribs, a fracture to his right eye-socket, a broken nose and scrapes to his hands and legs.

He said he doesn’t remember the incident in its entirety. Macquarrie said he recalls being parked on his scooter at a red light before noticing the group of teenagers crossing the street.




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