BRUTAL: Mexican Gunfight Between Authorities and Cartels Caught on Camera [WATCH]

These are our neighbors. These are the people doing ‘business’ over our borders. These are the people Trump wants to keep out.

By Cartel Chronicles

One of the latest chapter in the ongoing war between rival factions of Los Zetas brought terror to this city as gunmen and police forces clashed outside of a government building.  

During the evening gun battle police officers killed two of the cartel hit-men and ended up arrested two others. Before the firefight began, the gunmen had managed to murder a man selling flowers at a street corner. A video from government surveillance cameras provided by Mexican authorities shows the moment that cartel gunmen and police forces clashed. As seen in the video below, a massive deployment of police officers rushed to fight off the gunmen who were forced to make their stand after their vehicle flipped just yards from various office buildings. 

Employees at a the city’s water office (Comapa) government office near the scene of the shootout were forced to take cover, however, one of them took video with his cell phone where the intensity of the gun battle can be heard.

According to information provided by the Tamaulipas government, the gunmen had been riding in an older Jeep at the time they shot at the flower vendor in the city’s downtown area. Police officers with Fuerza Tamaulipas near the scene of the shooting rushed to the scene as a high speed chase and rolling shootout began.


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