Bust… A Move? 92yr-Old Woman and Police Officer Have a Dance Off [Watch]

This is not something you typically see on the news when it comes to police encounters. Usually you will read about how terrible our law enforcement is, or the brutal murders of the men and women in blue.

When this video of an elderly woman and a police officer hit social media, it is no wonder it gained a lot of attention. It shows the humanity of these individuals. Something that is a nice break from all the dire headlines.

‘Austin Police Sgt. Kim Lenz was driving near the city’s downtown last week when she noticed Millie Seiver dancing alone in the parking lot of her apartment building,’ reports KAALTV.

The officer drove up to the dancing woman, blasted her squad car’s radio and started dancing with Seiver!

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Seiver said this moment was ‘very unexpected.’

“I don’t know, I was just so amazed, I was so shocked, I didn’t think it would go any further than that,” she said. “Probably a little proud, I suppose, of the fact that it drew attention that I’m able to do what I can do.”

KAALTV says, ‘the video was posted to the police department’s Facebook page, and as of Sunday night had been viewed more than 21,000 times.’

People who are close with Millie aren’t shocked about the incident. She is a woman who loves dancing and is known to be good at it.

“Yup, yup, always dancing. At her 90th birthday party, we were out dancing because I love to dance too,” Seiver’s granddaughter Tammie Maus-Sutphen said.

With the woman being 92, Millie is proving that age is simply a number. She hopes other people will get out and join her.

“I’d like to see more people be more active, out walking and things like that,” she said.


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