Busted: Chick Tries Framing Cop for Sexual Harassment, Then His Body-Cam Footage was Released

When you post an accusation on social media against a police officer and his department, you better have the truth on your side.

One 18yr-old girl tried to smear the name of a Burlington Police Officer’s name, and the chief did not take too kindly to that.

Chief Brandon del Pozo confronted the teen online.

Burlington, VT – 18-year-old Logan Huysman took to social media after her arrest, claiming that Burlington police sexually assaulted her. She even showed off bruises on her arms as proof. In response, Chief Brandon del Pozo released the bodycam footage which showed an impaired Huysman acting disorderly, assaulting police officers, and more (video below.)

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Not only that, but Chief Brandon del Pozo even responded directly to the girl’s Facebook post, prompting a wave of outrage at the girl’s behavior which resulted in her deleting the post.

Some how the ACLU got involved and he is now receiving serious blow back…

…because God forbid the man uses facts!

Like actual footage from a bodybcam of Huysman’s bad behavior; to ‘shut down conversations’.


“There’s a fine line between engaging the community, which is something we want our law enforcement officers to do, and doing what some might see as trying to shut down conversations,” said Jay Diaz, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont, according to Katie Jickling with Seven Days.

Affirmatively posting on a citizen’s Facebook page, especially in a sensitive situation, seems fairly inappropriate and would be understandably chilling.



Sounds like bullsh*t doesn’t it?

Here are some of the facts:

Burlington police officers found a car in a parking lot of Cumberland Farms on Pine St. that was running. There were multiple teens inside — all of whom were passed out drunk and high on marijuana. On June 22, during the 90 minute encounter, Huysman got a little out of control.

Huysman demanded that the officer pay her $80 for her marijuana bong, threatened suicide, performed cartwheels, destroyed paperwork, reached into her waistband and simulated producing a gun with her hand, pointing it at officers, screamed at officers, resisted arrest, and assaulted officers.

Due to her actions she was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and simple assault on an officer.

Everything was caught on the bodycam footage; including when she repeatedly kicked the officer in question. He requests that she stop. She doesn’t.

After her release, Huysman claimed on social media that police touched her inappropriately, and posted pictures of her bruised arms. “I would consider that sexual assault, especially coming from ‘authority,’” she said. She later claimed that the post was meant to be a “wake-up call” on police misconduct, indicated that she has still failed to take responsibility for the situation even though she now says that she regrets making the post.

Logan Huysman’s father saw the footage and it siding with the police, saying, “She was resisting arrest, and she had to be forcefully put in the police car. The police showed more patience than I would have.”
Source: Blue Lives Matter

Here is the footage of Huysman and all her rage glory.


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