BUSTED: Democrat Faces 200 Years in Prison for…

Despite what some state senators say about their rights (check out Politician Claims She has More Rights than Americans When BUSTED on Her Gun-Control HYPOCRISY), they are not above the law. Texas State Sen. Carlos Uresti is learning that…in the most unpleasant of circumstances

He has just been indicted on 13 charges that include creating a Ponzi scheme to market hydraulic fracturing sand for oil production (fracking).

Wait, aren’t Dems supposed to be against this? Another corrupt, hypocritical liberal. Why are we surprised?

His charges also include wire fraud, securities fraud, engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity, and one count of being an unregistered securities broker.

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My SanAntonio:

Uresti, who was indicted on 13 different charges that carry more than 200 years in prison if found guilty on all counts, denied any wrongdoing.

“The charges against me are groundless and I look forward to proving my innocence in a court of law at the appropriate time. I will enter a plea of not guilty and immediately return to work representing District 19,” Uresti said in a statement.

Uresti, former FourWinds CEO Stanley Bates, 45, and consultant Gary L. Cain, 60, each face conspiracy and numerous other charges related to their work at FourWinds, a now-defunct oil-field services company accused of defrauding investors, according to the indictment that was unsealed Tuesday afternoon.

The indictment accuses Uresti, Bates, and Cain of developing an “investment Ponzi scheme to market hydraulic fracturing (fracking) sand for oil production,” according to statement issued by the Justice Department.

Want to bet he’s going to say the Russian’s framed him?


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