BUSTED: National Review Just Made an Illegal Move by Doing This…

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 8.30.56 PMIf you’re running a 501(c)(3) good luck endorsing a candidate. It’s illegal.

Newspapers and magazines run negative articles on candidates all the time.  The National Review, however, raised some eyebrows with its most recent edition almost exclusively dedicated to attacking Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

National Review’s recent Trump hit piece raises serious questions about the future legitimacy of their 501(c)(3).  As a news publication, they certainly have an obligation to cover the Presidential race.  The Review went a step much further though in penning an editorial specifically advocating the defeat of an individual candidate.  Further, their magazine included portions dedicated to listing out quotes from a number of notable conservatives who endorse the Defeat Trump Movement.

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