BUTTING IN: White House Gets Involved with Cecil the Lion Drama While They Stand Up and DEFEND Planned Parenthood [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.14.08 AMWhile children are actually getting murdered, the White House has decided a botched lion hunt is more important than the lives of the unborn. It’s actually worse than that. Check out what White House spokesman has to say about the undercover videos:

BREAKING: White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the Planned Parenthood undercover videos “fraudulent.”

Posted by AskDrBrown on Thursday, July 30, 2015

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The White House has said it will review a petition urging the Obama administration to send the US hunter who killed Cecil the lion to Zimbabwe to face justice.

More than 140,000 signatures have been gathered for the bid to send Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer to the African country.

It urges Secretary of State John Kerry and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to extradite the trophy hunter.

Any petition to the White House that attracts over 100,000 names within 30 days must receive an official response.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it is up to the Justice Department to respond to an extradition order.

Zimbabwean officials have said they wish to speak to Palmer, but the US embassy said it was not aware of any extradition request.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service announced on Thursday it had opened an inquiry into the matter.

“We’re investigating the killing of #CecilTheLion. Will go where facts lead,” the agency said on Twitter.

“We ask Dr Palmer or his rep to contact USFWS immediately.”

But Palmer, 55, who reportedly paid park guides $50,000 (£32,000) to kill the lion during a hunting trip this month, remains in hiding amid global uproar.

Protesters have gathered outside his suburban Minneapolis dental practice holding signs, including one that said: “Let the hunter be hunted!”

Amid reported death threats, police have stepped up patrols around Palmer’s office, which has been temporarily closed.

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