Buying a Gun at a Gun Show in Florida Can Land You in Jail

gun showHave you ever gone to a gun show in Florida with a friend and purchased a gun?  Did you know doing that can land you in jail if it’s considered a “straw purchase?”

Let’s say you and friend decide to head to the local gun show.  While at the gun show you decide to purchase three handguns and your friend decides he’d like to purchase two firearms. Nothing unusual to you, as you like to collect firearms and you have routinely gone target/sports shooting with your friend.

When it comes time for your purchase, your friend realizes that he left his ID home and asks if you could buy the two guns on his behalf. You agree, and fill out the necessary forms and purchase the two firearms thinking if he does not pay you the money, you would keep them for yourself.

You both leave the gun show.  He comes by a week later and obtains the firearms from you and pays you the money.  In your mind, you’ve done nothing wrong and move on with your life.

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However, a month later two gentlemen come to your home, ATF agents, and ask if they could…



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