Not Buying Your Bull: Judge Napolitano, ’16 Year Olds Don’t Even Believe Excuses of the IRS’ [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: You know you’re doing a really bad job at lying when the teenage me-monkeys, who are only obsessed with #selfiesundays and how many twitter followers they have, don’t buy into your excuses. Check out what Judge Nap has to say.

Napolitano said that IRS lawyers are making a circular argument. He explained that they’re basically saying that they have no evidence to give because the data doesn’t exist and that nothing in the hard drive crash should affect the lawsuit because the crash happened before the IRS was sued.

“The IRS has stonewalled the Congress to the frustration of two-thirds of the nation. The Congress can’t get to first base on this, but here you have a private litigant – True the Vote – they have the IRS, the great grand inquisitor IRS, with their back to the wall, and they are within inches of getting what the Congress can’t get, which is an outside independent investigation of Mrs. Lerner’s hard drive,” Napolitano said, adding that he thinks “some light is going to come out of this.”

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Napolitano also said that 16 year olds don’t even believe the excuses of the IRS.

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