BYE-BYE: Gary Johnson Supporters are ABANDONING Him for This Candidate

gary-johnson-800x430We’ve talked about how strange Gary Johnson is. And that’s finally gotten to some people. Others don’t want to see Hillary make it into the White House. Either way, you can’t blame these people for leaving. At the end of the day, Hillary or Trump will win; voting to keep Hillary out is the smart move.

Hardcore Libertarians are likely to be not at all happy to hear about the latest Breitbart/Gravis presidential poll, because it seems many folks are breaking away from Gary Johnson and throwing their support behind Donald Trump.

Johnson has been catching a whole lot of flack for his weird antics and explosive behavior, so it’s hardly surprising he’s losing support at the moment.

Breitbart is reporting, Doug Kaplan, managing partner at Gravis Marketing, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to break down the latest Breitbart News/Gravis presidential poll, which showed a statistical tie between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, brought about, in part, by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s voters breaking for Trump.

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“We take a random sample of voters, and we do both phone calls and online responses,” Kaplan said of the poll’s methodology.

“Most people would think we just go on a website. We have a panel that people have opted into, of cell phone users only that we email, which is about 30 percent of our poll,” he explained. “The other 70 percent we do automated phone calls, where we call a random sample off the voter list, and then we ask the questions, people type in on their phone, ‘press 1, press 2, press 3’ for who they’re voting for.”

Kaplan admitted he was “a little shocked” by the dead-heat results of the latest poll.

“We have some other polls in the field, not to disclose them at this point, but there’s been a movement for Trump since the last debate,” he said. “Something changed in the race, and it’s against the conventional wisdom. You see it in other polls, as well, where it’s significantly changed, where he’s closed the gap.”

Kaplan attributed this movement to Trump picking up independents and Gary Johnson’s voters “going towards Trump. Also, he said he could see Trump “consolidating the Republican base more, where he’s getting 90 percent instead of 80 percent, so he’s closing the gap, for sure.”


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