CA Democrats Want to Spend $1 Billion So Illegal Immigrants Can Have…

California, run by the Democrat establishment, is hoping to spend $1 billion a year on illegal immigrants living in the West-coast state so that they may have health care. San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting, whom is head of the Assembly budget committee, has proposed this new legislation.

Medi-Cal, the Medicaid program run by the state, would essentially eliminate any legal residency requirements on their forms. This plan was included as part of a $4.3 billion proposal from Ting.

California currently covers illegal immigrants who are 19-years-old or younger. With Ting’s new policy, this coverage will extend to all ages.

NBC has reported that 7% of California residents do not have health care, the majority of these people being illegals.

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Seeing how California runs their political game, this policy will most likely happen. Maybe it is time we have a ‘minus one’ in our United States?


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