Cairo Officials Ordered to STOP 7 ‘Refugees’ from Coming to America

Do you think these bans will be helpful? Only time will tell. It’s annoying at first, we know, but hopefully this will help in the long run. Just get to the airport earlier and don’t fly to high risk countries. Something everyone should have been doing already.

Visa, green card holders and refugees have already been blocked from entering the United States just hours after Trump signed an executive order introducing his tough new immigration bans.

Seven migrants – six from Iraq and one from Yemen – were stopped from boarding a flight from Cairo on Saturday, while at least two Iraqis were detained after flying in to New York’s JFK airport on Friday night.

Panic broke out after Department of Homeland Security issued a directive at 4.30pm on Friday enforcing Trump’s executive order to essentially close down the borders to refugees and visa holders from a list of banned Muslim-majority countries.

It has sparked legal limbo for some refugees already who were on their way to the U.S. when the order came into effect.

Two Iraqi refugees, including one who had worked for the U.S. government in Iraq for 10 years, were detained at New York’s JFK airport on Friday, The New York Times reports.

The two men were on separate flights when immigration officials stopped them.

Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who had worked as a interpreter with the U.S. Army in Iraq, was travelling with his wife and three children at the time.

The other man, Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi, was flying to American to join his wife and son in Texas.

Lawyers representing the two Iraqi men were desperately seeking to have their clients released in court on Saturday morning.

Cairo airport officials say seven U.S.-bound migrants – six from Iraq and one from Yemen – were prevented from boarding an EgyptAir flight to New York’s JFK airport.

The officials said the seven migrants, escorted by officials from the U.N. refugee agency, were stopped from boarding the plane on Saturday after authorities at Cairo airport contacted their counterparts in JFK airport.

The action at Cairo airport was the first there since Trump imposed the three-month ban on refugees.

It is not clear how many refugees or visa holders are already being detained across the country.


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