Cali Prof. Goes Off on Insane Rant, ‘Trump’s Election…Act of TERRORISM’ — Student Who Recorded it Gets SUSPENDED and is Forced to Write Apology

Since when is that something you can be suspended for? Recording someone ranting? And then he has to write an apology?! I would be saying no way!

A Republican student who filmed his professor describing Trump’s election win as an ‘act of terrorism’ has been suspended by his college.

Caleb O’Neil filmed Olga Perez Stable Cox, 66, labeling the president a ‘white supremacist’ during a psychology and human sexuality class at Orange Coast College, California, in December.

He anonymously sent the clip to the college’s Republican body for it to be shared online, prompting a barrage of complaints against Cox who critics said should not thrust her political views on students.

On Wednesday Caleb, a 19-year-old sophomore at the school, revealed his identity and that he had been suspended for sharing the video.

The university issued a letter complaining that he had violated its student code of conduct by filming Cox without her knowledge.

Unless he writes an essay explaining why he shared the video and apologizes to Cox, he will be excluded for an entire semester.

The teenager’s lawyer Bill Becker admonished the college’s decision, describing it at a news conference as a ‘leftist attack’ on conservatives.

‘We think this is a clear example of unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination that targets conservatives and we’re going to challenge it,’ he said.

He has appealed the suspension and can continue to attend class until a final decision is reached.


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