Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.08.20 AMThe day a ‘gun free zone’ sign stops a shooter, I will be amazed. Until then, I’m sticking with my guns.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law Saturday banning concealed weapons on school and college campuses without permission, little more than a week after a gunman stormed into a class at a community college in neighboring Oregon and killed nine people and a day after two other deadly campus shootings in Texas and Arizona.

California’s law requires those with concealed-weapons permits to obtain permission from school officials before bringing firearms to campus. Those with concealed-weapons permits had previously been allowed to enter a college or university campus with weapons at will.

State Sen. Lois Wolk, who introduced the bill in February, said the law was necessary to close that loophole. Gun control advocates applauded the law, saying it would make schools safer.

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The law would “decrease students’ risk of being injured or killed,” Peggy McCrum, the president of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, told the Los Angeles Times.

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