CALIFORNIA Wants Gun Owners to Pay This BULLSH*T Regulation Fee–Would You Pay?

Punishing people because they are protecting themselves. Yep, that sounds like something California would do. What would you do if this happened in your state?

By Rob Morse

We have high unemployment and our governments are deeply in debt.  Some politicians want us to forget all that during this election.  This is the election season when politicians will say anything to get more campaign cash.  A particularly revolting example of legislating for dollars is coming from California.  A California legislator wants to force gun owners to pay for government regulations.  The legislation requires sheriffs and police chiefs charge for their expenses when they issue a concealed carry permit.  This proposed law teaches us a lot about what is wrong with our present politics, and what is wrong with our politicians.

You pay for what?
You heard that right.  Armed citizens will be forced to pay for the “reasonable costs of issuing and enforcement” as they get a license to carry a concealed weapon.  Think about that for a minute.  Gun owners will pay the costs incurred by a government monopoly to issue a government mandated permission slip.  California industry already knows this to be a bottomless expense.

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But California is special.
Let’s see what other states do in the same situation.  In other states, a state trooper runs a check on you when he pulls you over for a broken tail light.  That check looks for prior violations and existing warrants.  That check takes seconds and costs pennies.  Some states charge $10 to $20 for a concealed carry permit that is good for 4 years or more.  Some sheriffs have waved the charges entirely so that honest citizens will go armed.  Some states have constitutional carry that lets legal gun owners carry concealed without a permit.

Who is a danger?
Permitless carry doesn’t put the public at risk.  Citizens with a concealed carry permit are the most law abiding segment of society.. even more so than police.  The police, despite their training and certification, are many times more likely to shoot the wrong person than are armed civilians.  A concealed carry license and background check isn’t an issue of public safety.

How much is enough?
California will charge concealed carry holders hundreds of dollars simply because they can.  California is taxing the human right to self-defense.  The burden falls hardest on the poor.  Inner city minorities are already used as a source of fines and fees to fill the city treasury.  At the same time, police are unable to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate violent criminals in our inner cities.  Poor urban women are the fasted growing segment of civilian gun owners.  They learned that they are the first responders while the police are still minutes away.

Should others pay too?
California judges will let the legislators pass such laws. While we’re abusing rights, should we make voters pay for the cost of elections and the cost of prosecuting cases of voter fraud?  Should we charge couples getting married for the cost of divorce courts and child protective services?  Of course not.  We don’t want to penalize the innocent for the actions of the guilty few.


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