California’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Bill Heads to Governor

de-leon-400x235Should a person who hardly knows anything about guns be trying to pass a ‘gun bill’? Oh wait, this is government. I forgot they’re experts at hiring inexperienced people to do the job.

Last week the California state Senate and Assembly passed Senate Bill 808, which is known to some as the ‘ghost gun’ bill. Sponsored by Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), the legislation would require homemade or self-assembled firearms to be registered with the Department of Justice. The bill would also mandate the inclusion of a permanent metal component in 3D-printed firearms so those guns can be picked up by metal detectors.

“This bill takes a modest approach to address these new threats to public safety and further serves as a model for the entirety of the United States as gun violence grossly escalates in our country,” read a statement from Senator de Leon’s office on Friday.

“SB 808 would mean that law-abiding gun owners who follow the law completely would be deprived of their right to sell or transfer serialized, registered home-built firearms,” Brandon Combs, president of the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL), told “They couldn’t even pass their legally owned guns on to their children. If that doesn’t show how tyrannical Senator de Leon really is, I don’t know what would.”

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