Call Me Maybe: Bromance Between Bloomberg and Once Gun-Loving Manchin

manchin_bloombergControversial New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the nation’s more outspoken advocates of rigid gun controls and an avowed enemy of coal and big soft drinks, is throwing a fundraising party this month for Sen. Joe Manchin.

Bloomberg’s bash comes at a time when the West Virginia senator is planning to try again on his once-failed bill to hand the federal government more powers to control firearms purchases,

Manchin isn’t talking directly about the $1,000-a-ticket party.

Instead, when his office was asked repeatedly for an explanation for nearly a week, an unidentified campaign aide said Bloomberg and Manchin might not see eye-to-eye on many issues, but the two agree that “it’s just common sense to require criminal and mental background checks” for sales at gun shows and on-line purchases.

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“Sen. Manchin believes that part of what is wrong with Washington these days is the notion that you are guilty not just by association but simply by conversation,” the aide told The Register-Herald.

Bloomberg went on a tear in recent years over a number of issues, making him one of the country’s more recognizable politicians.

He dug into his deep pockets and came up with $50 million for the Sierra Club to use in a campaign against coal production.



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