Call The Waaambulance: Anti Hunters Want to Ban Girl’s Pics of African Hunt from Facebook

Screen-Shot-2014-07-01-at-8.36.01-AM-1-630x472Editor’s Note: Though most vegan women’s hairy legged, mustache growing photos are offensive to the eye, you don’t see a whole band of hunters calling up Zuckerberg to take them down. Whatever happened to the 1st amendment? Anti-hunters, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

The fascistic anti-hunting, tree-humping, doe-eyed, bunny lovers are at it again demanding that the true conservationists, i.e.- hunters, not showcase their hunting exploits via Facebook.

Hey, anti-hunting numb-nuts: If you think these pics are offensive then don’t look at them.  That’s what I do when something’s offensive to me. I avoid it. That’s why I don’t peruse Rosie O’Donnell’s bikini pics.

In addition, I don’t go on the Greenies Facebook pages and stare at their ubiquitous ugly and whiny chicks who nasally screech through their pierced nose about the ‘evils of hunting.’

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Also, I don’t demand that they take their bogus Al Gore memes down or their fairy tale global-warming hockey stick graphs that they use to bully stupid college students to give up their brains and their liberties for some inflated stats about the supposed escalation of the earth’s core temperature.  I simply don’t care.  To each his own.

And Lastly, the young huntress is in good company in showing her hunting skills and abilities because even one of God’s favorites, King David, bragged about killing both a lion and a bear (1Sam.17:34-37).

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