Calling B.S., B.S: Changing the Liberal Narrative on Guns

A couple of days ago I gave a speech at a local republican meeting on changing the narrative for gun owners.   Here is a clip of the end of my speech:

Here is the transcript of the full speech I gave:

Can I assume you all are rich, because you’re republican?

Can I assume that you’re under 25 because this is Miami YOUNG republican meeting?

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I think we can all agree that would be stupid for me to make that assumption.

Then why do we allow media to function on bad assumptions, like these, and false narratives rather than on fact?

It’s scary when I can go into an interview with a liberal and challenge their assumptions on gun owners and gun rights.

By simply challenging the assumption I can debunk their arguments because logic, history and the American people are fundamentally on our side.

However, we are losing the narrative, culture and political war because we let the mass media run with these false narratives.

Such false narratives as:

Semi-automatic rifles are only used to kill people.

People who own “assault” rifles are crazed mass murders who eat cheetos and are named Sling-blade.

I mean, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true and Obama has run on these narratives to push the biggest gun-control ban in the history of America.

This ban will ultimately cripple every gun owner in this nation, not only those who enjoy the military style weapons.

The first time something like this happened, the American people did not tolerate it.

In 1774, the British banned the musket from being imported.

Then in 1775, the British attempted to confiscate the guns.

Finally in 1776, the American people were like WTF and started the Revolution!

Every one of us has to challenge these assumptions and false narratives and we have to win. That means a lot more than just elections.


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