How Can Women Conceal Carry? Let Me Count The Ways!

femme_fatale_garter_nude_closeup_1__84296.1373817978.1280.1280-207x300I only started handling handguns about 3 years ago. I was in the same boat most women are. Where do I begin? I was fortunate however to have started a part-time job at a gun range near Seattle called West Coast Armory. The range had an extensive collection of rental handguns and revolvers. Once I got felt comfortable with firearm safety and handling my next project was figuring out how to carry concealed.

With that question comes the question of which gun is best for that as well. But that is an entirely different blog. My choice of gun may not be yours. For now I wanted to share with you my trial and errors of many many forms of carrying a gun concealed. Let’s face it. Women have different requirements than men when it comes to concealing. All of the women I know in this industry and those that I have met coming through the range still want to be feminine when dressing to conceal. Is this possible? Why yes it is.

Let me start by stating that over time I have narrowed down my carry pistols of choice to the SigP238 and 938. They are small but I can actually fire them without my hand getting snapped off. Again this is not the time I am discussing “stopping power” with my choice of pistol caliber. Having a smaller framed gun allows for more ways to

conceal and allows me to wear fitted clothing. Sorry but you won’t catch me dead in that horrible “conceal carry vest” that screams “I am carrying”. Or worse yet, a fanny pack! I never wear blazers or baggy clothes. Women wear dresses and skirts as well. Most women think it is not possible to carry concealed when dressed up. How times have changed! The following holsters I am going to mention are ones I have bought myself and have worn many times. I have not been given any of these. I really like these products. In fact I have fun planning outfits since I am not concerned how I will carry for the day.

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The newest item I have purchased is something I have wanted to develop for a long time. Obviously not getting around to it I was super happy to see this company make the first thigh holster I have been able to use! Femme Fatale came out a few months ago with this fabulous lace thigh holster. It is elastic with an extremely sticky inside that grabs on to your thighs like a suction cup. You can wear it so that the holster is on the outside of your thigh or the inside.

The outside seems silly to me since that would put a big bulge on your thigh and would be very noticeable. The holster fits on my upper left thigh with the gun pocket on the inside. (My right hand can reach down to that spot) *Photo shown is not my thigh but taken off Femme’s Web site. The photo of me in the skirt, I am wearing the thigh holster. Invisible!! Not to mention that my husband thinks it is pretty darn sexy. And yours will too! That is if you are a woman reading this. If this is a man reading this than you know now what to get your wife or girlfriend for Christmas.

I have worn the holster with a gun at least a dozen times now and was wondering if the sticky stuff would lose its stick. Nope. Still sticky.  This is my go-to holster when wearing any skirt or dress. The one caveat to this holster is that it does take getting used to. At first I thought it would chafe the heck out of my right leg. It did not. But you do need to fuss with perfect placement of the holster with the gun in the pocket. If you are not careful and put the holster up to high on your thigh you will have a pistol grip poking you in your privates. This is another reason to use a small framed gun.

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