Cantankerous Rosie: ‘The View’ Host Rosie O’Donnell Falls into Her Old Bossy Ways, ‘Everyone… Fall in Line’

1410801909897_wps_33_The_View_GrabsRosie O’Donnell is back on ‘The View’ set and causing more of a ruckus than ever before. Though she may have shed some pounds being gone, she sure hasn’t shed her nasty attitude.

Rosie O’Donnell returned to The View today for what is being billed as a new version of the long-running show. But apparently the cantankerous comedienne is up to her old tricks behind the scenes.

Sources at The View tell MailOnline that Rosie has already become a terror, only allowing the three new executive producers and co-hosts; Whoopi Goldberg and newcomers Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace, to communicate with her and making it clear to everyone in earshot, she’s literally running the show.

‘She was at The View for several days last week, meeting with producers and telling them “how things are going to go”. She has a definitive view of how she would like the show to go and wants everyone else to fall in line,’ a show insider told MailOnline.

Last Wednesday, Rosie and new co-host Nicole Wallace did a test show with two fill-in hosts in an effort to build chemistry. Neither Rosie Perez or Whoopi Goldberg were present.

Despite the fact that Whoopi is the regular moderator for the show, leading the discussion, Rosie took charge of the test show with Nicole.

‘It was almost as though she was rehearsing for when she eventually takes over as moderator. It’s clear that she would have preferred being in that capacity as she was before,’ offered our source.

Rosie joined The View in 2006, replacing Meredith Vieira.

But the following year Rosie and Elizabeth Hasselbeck had a heated exchange that got so intense producers cut to a split screen, something that Rosie despised. She walked off the set that day and never returned to the show.

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