Capturing Whitey Bulger: How the FBI Finally Caught Up with the Country’s No.1 most Wanted, All thanks to a Boob Job and a Stray Cat

WHITEYFor 14 years, America’s most-wanted criminal James ‘Whitey’ Bulger and his moll Catherine Greig evaded capture by posing as any other elderly couple in a low-key suburb of LA.

Now the FBI has revealed for the first time how the pair were finally tracked down when two vastly different pieces of the jigsaw came together to out them – her love of a stray cat and her vanity as a younger woman when she opted for a boob job.

Bulger, a notorious Boston underworld kingpin was jailed for life earlier this month after a 40-year career of murder, extortion, money-laundering, arms trafficking and drug dealing.

The 84-year-old was arrested in 2011 after years on the run at the apartment he shared with Greig in Santa Barbara, where residents told how the couple blended in like all the other retired couples.

Speaking to 60 Minutes on CBS News, neighbour Barbara Gluck remembered how Greig always fed a stray cat after its owner had died.

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She said: ‘She would pet it, you know, and be sweet to it and she put a plate of food like out here. She loved the cat.’

Bulger had been a great source of embarrassment for the FBI after he had infiltrated the Boston office of the bureau and bought off agents who protected him.

They gave him the tip that allowed Bulger to flee just days before he was to be indicted in 1995.

Some feared he would never been caught.

The film heard from FBI agents who told how they had struggled to find a workable lead for ten years – nor did they have any good photographs of the pair.

They were aware of the couple’s love of animals, but appeals to veterinarians proved unsuccessful.

There had also been reports that Greig had once had breast implants and other plastic surgery in Boston before they fled the city, and, grasping at straws, they turned to…

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