‘Care Worker’ Caught Mistreating 89yr.-Old Man, Will Horrify You [VIDEO]

A care worker has been caught mistreating an 89yr-old patient that has dementia.

With the age and strength difference between the two men, this ‘care’ worker is nothing but a thug.

If people wondered why there are laws that protect the defenseless, here is a clear example:

The content of this video is hard to swallow, you are warned.

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A personal care worker at a city-run long-term care home delivered 11 punches to the face of an elderly, immobile and largely non-verbal dementia patient, a video obtained by the Citizen reveals.

The high-definition video camera that recorded the attack was installed by the patient’s family and wasn’t even a secret to staff at the Garry J. Armstrong long-term care home on Island Lodge Road where the assault occurred.

Workers were made aware that the video system was being installed in the room of 89-year-old Georges Karam after the family grew increasingly concerned about the number of unexplained injuries he had suffered since moving into the residence two years ago. –Read More

The family did the right thing by taking action against this care home.

Makes you wonder if this would ever happen to someone you love or even yourself.

Should this thug be locked away for his abuse towards the elderly man?

Give us your thoughts below.


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