CARSON GOES OFF ON PRESS: ‘Why don’t you care about Obama’s past?’

carsonOr Hillary’s.

Unflappable Dr. Ben Carson got testy with a hostile press—asking why the media didn’t care about President Obama’s past and firing back a warning: “The American people are waking up to your games.”

The normally collected and soft-spoken Republican frontrunner, who once led a 19-hour surgery, answered questions about his past in a press conference Friday, spurred on by (now proven false) accusations that he fabricated a story about being invited to West Point.

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When the media moved to challenge other stories in Carson’s memoir, he hit back, calling it “the most lame investigation I have ever seen,” and a “witch hunt.”

And then he silenced them with this: “I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama when he was running.”

“Why are you guys not interested in why his records are sealed?” he pressed.  But the media didn’t answer.

Around the 6-minute mark, things start getting dramatic.

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