Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.39.50 AMMichelle could use a few lessons in class.

For the last 48 hours, Dr. Ben Carson has been defending his powerful comments about the Oregon murders. He said he wouldn’t just sit there and wait to be shot… he would fight back!

Liberals are anxious to destroy Carson, but he didn’t take the bait. Watch (below) as he explains to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly about the importance of addressing serious issues in society.

The part of the interview I liked the most is with his wife, Candy Carson. She’s equally brilliant and – unlike Michelle Obama – she sees the importance of parents (not the government) raising children properly. And they both released a new book about Constitutional liberties.

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If elected, an added benefit of a President Carson would be having a 100% classy First Lady with wisdom gained from a lifetime of hard work. That’s why she’s being called “The anti-Michelle Obama.”

The daughter of a teacher and a factory worker, Candy Carson grew up poor in inner-city Detroit with four siblings. She earned a scholarship to attend Yale University, where she met her future husband and fellow Detroit native. Mrs. Carson triple-majored in music, psychology and pre-med. She played violin for the Yale Symphony and Bach Society. Just as her church-organist mother insisted that all her children learn to play instruments, Mrs. Carson formed a string quartet (two violins, cello and viola) with her own three sons dubbed the “Carson Four.”

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