‘The Cases Will Go Nowhere’: Stephen Collins Not To Be Prosecuted For Molesting Underage Victims


I hope this report is wrong. Stephen Collins needs to serve time for his crimes. He is a danger to society.

A new report claims that actor Stephen Collins will not be prosecuted in molestation cases involving underage victims that are currently being looked into by the New York Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

TMZ reports that they have spoken to law enforcement sources who say ‘the cases will go nowhere.’

This, despite audio obtained by the site from 2012 that has the actor allegedly confessing to molesting underage girls.

The problem apparently is that since the three cases in question as decades old, prosecutors will be barred by the statute of limitations.

Speaking with US Weekly this Wednesday, the LAPD say they are still very much investigating whether or not Collins molested an underage female neighbor.

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