CASTRATED AND KILLED: One Woman Wants all Child Rapists and Killers to be Castrated and Killed [VIDEO]

A Smithville woman believes those who are convicted of murder and rape against children should face immediate castration and in some cases be executed within 30 days of their conviction.

Donna Roesle is planning to take her harsh sentences recommendation to Missouri lawmakers.  She has even started a petition along with her daughter on

So far, 12,000 people have signed it and 14,000 support it.

Roesle owns a salon school in Smithville and said she started going door-to-door after hearing the tragedy of 10-year-old Hailey Owens, who was kidnapped and murdered last week in Springfield.

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She is horrified by the crimes against innocent youngsters.

“Sometimes they get out on good behavior, then walk the streets again. We just feel like instead of spending all of our money letting them sit in prison, roof over their heads, food … within 30 days, try to get them executed,” Roesle said.

Roesle is asking for surgical castration in Missouri.

At least nine states allow chemical castration for repeat sex offenders.

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