CAUGHT COLLUDING: Leak Reveals White House Told CBS to Keep Their Mouths’ Shut on Scandal and They Obeyed!

Instead of reporting the facts, CBS has reduced itself to being the Left’s lapdog. Not that they were ever anything more.


Emails obtained by the RNC and provided first to The Wall Street Journal show that the White House reached out to CBS’s Face the Nationto ask that the topic of Hillary Clinton‘s emails be made off-limits during an interview of Secretary of State John Kerry, and that the White House believed CBS had agreed.

WSJ reported late Thursday that the Hillary Clinton campaign and White House collaborated to present a unified P.R. front when the story broke that Clinton had used a private email server while at the State Department. Accordingly, White House communications directorJennifer Palmieri and State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psakiexchanged emails to discuss the upcoming TV appearance by Kerry.

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Palmieri told Psaki that “between us on the shows… think we can get this done so he is not asked about email.” Per WSJ, “that apparently referred to Mr. Kerry, who appeared in an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation three days later.”

“Agree completely and working to crush on my end,” wrote back Psaki.


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