Caught White Hooded: Dem who once attended KKK rally accuses Republican of racism

KKKArkansas state Rep. Butch Wilkins, a Democrat, blasted one of his Republican colleagues in the Arkansas state House for using racist language.

How did Wilkins know that former Rep. John Hubbard’s language was racist? Because Wilkins heard similar words and phrases at a Klu Klux Klan rally he once attended.

Wilkins took to Facebook recently to criticize a guest column written by Jon Hubbard in the Jonesboro Sun.

“How many of you have ever attended a Klan rally,” asked Wilkins in a Facebook post. “I did once out of pure curiosity in the early 1960’s. The babbling of the speaker is now available in the form of the guest columnist of the JBoro sun. Not the same man but very much the same words.”

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The post has since been taken down.

In an interview with The Arkansas Project, Wilkins said his Facebook post was intended as a criticism of Hubbard, who has a history of making racially inflammatory statements.

“It’s just racist to me, a lot of it,” he said. “And that’s where I …



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