CECIL’S LAW: Hunters’ Ability to Import Africa’s Big 5 Trophies Threatened Due to a Handful of Protestors

11866423_10153019255319499_6609001660387034333_nWith the LOUD outcry on social media about Cecil’s death, only the few showed up to rally for Cecil on the steps of NY City Hall. The proposed law, which state Sen. Tony Avella and Friends of Animals are working on together, will ban the importation of Africa’s Big 5 trophies. Here is their plan.

Friends of Animals and New York state Sen. Tony Avella, flanked by supporters, stood on the steps of City Hall in Manhattan this morning to champion legislation that would implement a statewide ban on the importation, possession, sale or transportation of the remains of the five big game species native to Africa. The Africa Big 5 bill, which was drafted by Friends of Animals’ (FoA) Wildlife Law Program director Michael Harris and is the first of its kind in the United States, was introduced earlier this year and today was renamed Cecil’s Law in honor of one of Zimbabwe’s most beloved lions who was shot and killed by American hunter Walter Palmer back in July.

Cecil’s Law, which Avella will reintroduce during the next legislative session in January and which will soon be sponsored in the Assembly by Steve Englebright, would protect the African elephant, lion, leopard, black rhino and white rhino, all of whom are threatened by illegal poaching and sport hunting and are currently facing extinction.11863293_10153019255249499_6366658212489959480_n11822689_10153019255329499_6992075349435256101_n

“Unfortunately we had a situation very recently that exemplified why this legislation is necessary,” Avella said. “Cecil the lion was killed by somebody in this country who thought what he was doing was fun—who thought this lion’s life was worth paying for to have a trophy on their wall. If we pass this legislation we will stop this from happening because hunters will not be able to import these animals’ body parts through our ports or airports.

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