Censored Much? References to Knives, Guns and Hunting, Getting Cut From Best-Selling Author’s Book on ‘Cooking Like a Pro.’


The publishing company must think meat comes from the grocery store, where no animals were harmed.

Best-selling author Tim Ferriss has what you might call a bone to pick.

The matter involves one of his popular titles, “The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life.”

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See, there’s a section in “The 4-Hour Chef” called “The Wild.” As you might imagine by that single word, one aspect of this section deals with what it actually takes to get food — of the animal variety — to the table. And Ferriss tells readers right up front: “This section is intended to make you uncomfortable. It will force you to question yourself, your limitations, and your beliefs. View it as an exercise.”

In other words, hunting and prepping animals for mealtime — and the messiness that entails.

Which is why Ferriss is none too pleased with European publishers of ”The 4-Hour Chef” who he said are cutting over 80 pages from “The Wild” section — specifically the parts that deal with references to knives, guns, or hunting:

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