CHAIN AND BALL: George Soros Donated $196M to Pro-Net Neutrality Groups


If the day comes that this passes, I pull the plug and go off the grid. Absolute BS.

As the Federal Communications Commission is set to approve new Internet rules, a new report shows that George Soros and the Ford Foundation have donated $196 million to groups that support the cause.

From 2000 to 2013, the Ford Foundation has donated $113.6 million and the Open Society Foundations, founded by Soros, has donated $82.7 to pro-net neutrality groups, the Media Research Center is reporting. Both groups support changing the net neutrality rules.

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In addition, some of the groups they have funded are also directly linked to the Obama administration, including some individuals who now have positions at the White House. Such groups include the Center for American Progress, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Media Matters for America — all three support net neutrality.

“These left-wing groups not only impacted the public debate and funded top liberal think tanks,” the report from the Media Research Center states, “they also have direct ties to the White House and regulatory agencies.”

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