Changing The Game: Illegal Immigrants Take Their Invasion to a Whole New Level

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Miranda Fuller, on vacation in San Diego, witnessed a disturbing and dangerous occurrence Monday while on at Mission Beach. Twenty men, all dressed in black, stormed the beach in San Diego. These men were illegal aliens who landed on the beach in a panga boat.

It happened at approximately 7 am on Monday morning. After the men stormed the beach, they ran across the beach, climbed a wall, and headed into the city. Fortunately, much of their movement was caught by a homeowner’s surveillance camera. 

Brian Wu, a Mission Beach resident, told NBC7 that the men appeared to have someone waiting for them. His cameras tracked them running into an alley where they changed clothes before attempting to walk into the city and lend in. Seven of the illegal alien invaders were spotted via helicopter and apprehended. Officials are still searching for the others.

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Former Representative Lt. Col. Allen West wonders if these two incidents of storming the San Diego beach, one in daylight and one at night, were actually dry runs for something more.

When I was commander serving in combat, I always looked for indicators, warnings and trends, and one of the things I always wanted our unit leaders and Soldiers to pay attention to was enemy dry runs.

Did we just see a “dry run” this past week in San Diego?

West continued with speculation as to a possible even more sinister and nefarious intentions in such an invasion than just illegals seeking citizenship.

It appears there were two illegal alien infiltration operations planned; one daylight, the other under cover of early morning darkness — coincidence or coordinated?

Why should anyone care about this report? First of all, there are some 10 male illegal aliens who successfully escaped into San Diego. Second, as reported in the video report, it seems that there was a link up coordinated with logistical support in the way of a change of clothes.

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