CHAPTER FILMS: Videographer Takes on Challenge to ‘Redefine’ Legacy… and Does EPIC Job [WATCH]

Kristopher Rutherford, Founder & Lead Storyteller at Chapter Films, is breaking the mold when it comes to telling the story of one’s legacy. See what inspired him to take on such a task.

WARNING: It will pull on your heart strings.


-By Kristopher Rutherford
A few years ago someone asked me about my grandfather and I could only remember 3 things about him 1) He loved playing chess 2) He took me to swim practice once and had to buy me goggles, but he called them garggles 3) There was a huge pumpkin you could climb on at the park infront of his old townhouse.
I was angry about that and realized in general the idea of the “family tree” is fading. Over this past year I have been spending some of my free time working on a new idea that has turned into Chapter Films.
I will see my grandfather again one day and when I do we will have a bunch of stories to share over a game of chess.


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