Charlie Rose Canned for Sexual Harassment by CBS

It seems like all the perverts of media row are being forced out of hiding now that the women who were sexually harassed by them feel empowered enough to speak-out.

Charlie Rose has recently been named one of the said perverts and PBS took no time in dropping him.

The news network stated they have “terminated its relationship with Charlie Rose and cancelled distribution of his programs.”

Via TMZ: CBS launched an investigation into allegations Charlie Rose sexually assaulted co-workers, and it didn’t take long for the network to reach a conclusion … because Rose has just been fired.

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Rose was suspended Monday after the Washington Post story that 8 women accused him of various forms of sexual harassment and assault.

David Rhodes, CBS News President, published a statement … “A short time ago we terminated Charlie Rose’s employment with CBS News effective immediately. This followed the revelation yesterday of extremely disturbing and intolerable behavior said to have revolved around his PBS program.”

Rhodes continued, “I’m deeply disappointed and angry that people were victimized.”

Rose publicly apologized, claiming the sexual harassment was a wrong reading of signals; thinking his advances were ‘shared feelings.’

It’s unclear how the network reached its conclusion so quickly, but Rose is now out of CBS News. His PBS show has also been put on ice.


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