Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer Wants to Suspend Gun Laws

It’s been a few weekends after the violent protests in Charlottesville broke out. Government officials are certainly still ‘shell shocked’ about whole situation. Just imagine being in their shoes.

However, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer has overstepped his authority, as-far-as his actions on dealing with the incident. He is now asking that state to suspend gun laws after the event:

According to the Washington Post: Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer called on the Virginia state legislature on Friday to convene a special session to push for new laws that would give local governments power to decide the fates of their Confederate war memorials.

Signer, a Democrat, also asked that localities be able to suspend some gun laws after his city was besieged by violence during a white nationalist rally last weekend.

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Signer issued a lengthy, six-page statement outlining what he views as the next steps for the progressive Southern college town reeling from the fallout of the violence, attention and outrage that has made Charlottesville the center of a national debate about Confederate history and white supremacy.

“Last weekend changed not only Charlottesville, but America,” Signer wrote. “While we are getting back on our feet, we are still traumatized. . . . But we will overcome this hatred.”

While there were no incidents of shootings that took place during the violent protest clashes, it is something the Mayor decided to focus on. Is he being completely irrational? Possibly.

Signer is a Democrat whom is no fan of any gun law and certainly doesn’t view the Second Amendment as an important right. What he is requesting can be simply put as unconstitutional.


Hopefully the gun lobbyists out there will fight Signer on this. This is not a white supremacy issue, this is a liberty issue. The mayor is using this crisis to accomplish gun-control. Plain and simple.

h/t Bearing Arms


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