CHECK IT: What a North Korea Bomb Test Actually Means

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.53.57 AMAllen West shedding some light on the whole situation. Good info to know.

By Allen West

On Tuesday, while President Barack Obama was shedding tears, far far away — not in another galaxy, but across the Pacific — a despotic, sociopathic murderer was doing something completely different.

I find it rather ironic that in the same week when former President Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail, we are reminded of his foreign policy failure. Based on Clinton’s declaration, North Korea’s nuclear program was supposed to be dismantled; ended. Well, since 2006 there have been four nuclear tests emanating from the repressive Stalinist regime, now under Kim Jung Un. And the fourth came this week – oh, another irony, the same folks who worked for Bill Clinton to secure a “nuclear deal” with North Korea did the same for President Obama with Iran.

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As reported by Fox News, “The world reacted with outrage and skepticism Wednesday after North Korea claimed that it had successfully tested a “miniaturized” hydrogen bomb.

The announcement, which could not immediately be confirmed by outside sources, was made by a state television anchor who read a typically propaganda-heavy statement calling the test a “perfect success” that elevated the country’s “nuclear might to the next level” and provided it with a weapon to defend itself against the United States and other enemies.

The United Nations Security Council quickly announced an emergency meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning. However, Andrei Lankov, a North Korea expert based in Seoul, South Korea, told Fox News he was “seriously skeptical” that Pyongyang had tested a hydrogen bomb.

According to Lankov, North Korea would have needed to divert a large amount of scarce funds to construct such a device, saying it would have been “mission overkill.”

“I believe it did not have the ‘signature’ of a Hydrogen bomb,” said Lankov, who added that he had “absolutely no doubt” the blast was an atomic test, the fourth carried out since 2006 in definance of international and United Nations sanctions.”

In keeping with tradition, Barack Obama will find someone to blame, as the Bush Derangement Syndrome has run its course. Perhaps it could be blamed as part of the “war on women” or maybe climate change — nah, that’s reserved for Islamic jihadists. So maybe look for Obama to blame Seth Rogen and James Franco for their movie which upset the short fat kid with the really bad haircut.

But seriously, the yield of this test was not powerful enough for a hydrogen bomb, but it certainly met the requirement for a nuclear test. And the world is scrambling. Japan and South Korea are unnerved, not just because this has happened, but rather because there’s been no resolute leadership from America.

And that resolute leadership is absent because President Obama was crying about unconstitutional and irrelevant gun control executive actions. Imagine, while our president was crying, U.S. Special Operations forces were trapped by the Taliban while North Korea fired off a nuclear weapon test. What message does that send? Yep, it’s all about climate change and gun control, folks.

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