Cher: Claims Out-Of-Touch Democrats ‘F*CKED UP’ the Election…Are You Glad They Did?

Finally a Hollywood celebrity that has come to touch with reality.

Pop singer Cher stated old, out-of-touch Democrats are the reason Donald Trump won.

“The Democrats f*cked up so bad in their message, and how old [the leadership] is,” Cher said. “You’ve got to pray that old people die before young people can get involved with the party.”

In an extensive interview with Billboard published Friday, the 70-year-old singer said the old Democratic party leaders flat-out failed to connect with younger voters.

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Cher, who helped raise funds for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign (who is old and out of touch there??), said she “told Hillary she should have a group of millennials give their ideas about government.”

In January, the singer participated in the star-studded anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington.

“Since Trump was elected, I have to hide my telephone, because I’m so outraged. Twitter is like a drug,” Cher says of the platform she uses to skewer Trump. “It creeps into your life, and you have to say, ‘Time to put a stop to this. I’m a grown-up.’”

Aren’t you glad the liberals messed up so badly this election cycle?

8 years of Obama was enough for Americans.

Nothing worked with him and he brought our country to its knees.

Half of the country was sick and tired of it. That is why Trump really won.

Are you glad the liberals messed up this election cycle?

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